The Indian Parliament : Everything you need to know


The Parliament of India is the apex parliamentarian body in the country. It is composed of The President of India and two houses - Rajya Sabha also known as Council of States and Lok Sabha called as House of the People. The Indian Government is bicameral in nature. When the Constitution of India became effective from 26 January, 1950 then the first General Elections held during the year of 1951-1952 and the first elected members of Parliament came into existence in April 1952. Both Houses hold their meetings separately in Sansad Bhavan in New Delhi.Those elected or nominated by the President of India to either house of Parliament are called Members Of Parliament. The Members of Lower House or Lok Sabha are elected by the people of India where as the Members of Rajya Sabha are  elected by the State Legislative Assemblies. The Parliament is made up of 790 MPs who serve and work for the development of the largest democratic country of the world. As per the Election Commission of India, 814.5 million Indians registered to exercise their adult suffrage in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

The Composition of Parliament of India consists of:-

  • President Of India:-

According to the Article 52 in the Constitution of India"There shall be a President of India” The President of India is the first citizen of the country. The president serves a five year term in his office. He is the supreme commander of all the Forces.President of India is elected by a electoral college.The electoral college which votes for President of India composed of:-

  • Elected Members of Rajya Sabha
  • Elected Members of Lok Sabha
  • Members of State Legislative Assemblies
  • Elected members of Union Territories 

The most interesting thing during the election of President is the value of vote count.

  • Lok Sabha:-

Lok Sabha is also known as House of People and has members of 543 from all the constituencies across the country. Two Members are elected by President of India. Every citizen of India who has attained  the age of 18 years is eligible to cast a vote. No matters which caste, color, religion, tribe the person belongs to it is his/her constitutional right to vote for the suitable candidate in the elections. 552 is the maximum number of MP's in parliament.Its term is for 5 years.The President of India is authorized to elect 2 at most Anglo Indian as the member of Parliament,if the community has not got their representative in the House of People. To be eligible for membership in Lok Sabha:-

  • The Person should be citizen of India and must be at least 25 years of age.
  • The Person should be mentally sound. 
  • The person should neither be convicted with Criminal charges nor the person should be bankrupt.

  • Rajya Sabha:-

Rajya Sabha is also known as Council of States or Upper House. It is the permanent body in the Parliament where one third of the members retires every second year and being replaced by the new ones. In Upper House each member is elected for a time period of 6 years. The Members are selected indirectly by members of Legislative bodies of states. Rajya Sabha can have maximum number of 250 members in it. 238 members are elected from the states and union territories where as the 12 members are nominated by The President of India. The members must have excelled in the fields of:-

  • Literature
  • Science
  • Art
  • Social Services
  • Sports 

The person should be at least 30 years of age to become a member of Rajya Sabha

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